In 2021, we will celebrate 130 years of the family-run Hotel Obertor. For more than 4 generations the Vesenmaier family has always taken care of guests with passion. Even if the demands and desires have always changed, our hospitality has remained the same: we have always provided relaxing and special stay that will certainly remain in our guest’s memory.


The house was built in the 13th century and in the following centuries the remaining floors were expanded. Since 1891, the “Tor-Bäck” in the Obertor has belonged to the Vesenmaier family. In addition to the bakery, the small wine tasting room was very popular with regular und frequent guests. Over the years, the privileged tip has become a popular lodge and the current Hotel Obertor.

Flair / Facilities

The special atmosphere of our small city hotel has developed with the benefit of 700 years of hindsight, and is not easy to rebuild nowadays. At every step taken in our house, you can feel the history and travel to the distant past. Gothic ceilings, ancient vaults, valuable and bizarre objects from every era give an idea of what these walls have already experienced.